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Takorasu Steam World is an original series of works by the artist Takorasu.
The world shares similarities with the steampunk genre (a sub-genre of science fiction featuring steam powered machinery).

The artist’s imagination gave birth to a unique world of “kinetic towns,” that feels new yet nostalgic at the same time.
It is a mysterious world where the inhabitants reside on mechanical creatures. Please enjoy these hand drawn works of monochrome graphic art.

■About the Artist
Name: Takorasu (Pen and Ink Artist ・Graphic Creator)

Takorasu was born in 1978 and began his career after graduating from design school.
It was then that he imagined the concept for the nostalgic feeling “Takorasu Steam World.” While mainly focusing on the field of graphic art, he has recently taken this world concept and expanded into other mediums such as music, film, sculpture and design.

Recently, he has created original concept designs for video games (Square Enix “Bravely Default”) and television (NHK “Musica Piccolino”). There are also plans to release a picture book about the story of “Takorasu Steam World.”

※ The name Takorasu is a pseudonym made from the initials of the artist’s real name.
In the hope that his work will be enjoyed by people all around the world, Takorasu has chosen to use a pen name of ambiguous nationality.

■twitter … https://twitter.com/takorantis
■facebook …https://www.facebook.com/Takorasu
■Photo site … http://takorasu.com/tako_photo/totora_menu.htm

■Work History
●World Concept Design
「Bravely Default」Square Enix 2012
「Musica Piccolino」NHK E-Tele Program 2013

「Fly」(jealkb) …Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. Ltd. - Music Video
「Town of the Clock Tower -」…BS11「Etsuko Takano Meiga gekijou」- Opening Video
「Kujira tairiku -Continent of the Whale -」…Yahoo!- Video
「Kusou Sekai - World of Imagination -」…NHK Digital Stadium
「RING×JAM」(Fighter Introduction Video)…Roppongi Velfarre

「Gaikotsu biru no niwa」(Miyamoto Teru)…Kodansha Ltd.
「Touzai misuteri besuto 100」Bungeishunju Ltd.
「Togio」(Tarou Soushirou)…Takarajimasha, Inc.
「Hanarejima・Ura-Shima」(Minami Ishikawa)Honamishoten
「Oracle Gijutsu Kenkyuujyo ― Shite Tokusuru SQL」(Shigeo Enomoto)…AlphaPolis Co.,Ltd
「Oracle ha ko ugoi te iru」―Oracle Tettei kensh?」(Shigeo Enomoto) …AlphaPolis Co.,Ltd
「Tanoshii jugyou」…Kasetsusya
「Department Guide Brochure」…Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Department of Engineering・Machine System Engineering Department

  Released in 2007 TAKORASU Art Book, First Edition
・TAKORASU WORLD U「Kioku no hako fune」
 Released in 2010 TAKORASU Art Book, Second Edition


■Illustration Method
Basically, the artwork is hand-drawn in black pen.
Overlapping lines are used to express shape and shading.
(This method was inspired by the “Kaki-Ami” method that is used in manga production.)
Illustration sizes vary from large to small (size B5 ? B0) with close to 200 pieces in total.
The motif changes with each production generation.
The artwork is done in monochrome in order to provoke the imagination.

■Art Movie Production
First, one hand drawn illustration is digitalized.
Next, movement is added to the individual parts to create an animation.

To the right is a sample movie from the DVD that comes packaged
with the first edition art book “Kuusou Sekai.”
(※The music used in the film was written and performed by Takorasu)

・Video Production Software 「Adobe After Effects 」
・Music Production Software「Yamaha Cubase Studio

Released in 2007
TAKORASU Art Book, First Edition
TAKORASU WORLD - World of Imagination -"Kuusou Sekai"
Theme: The Fantasy World

Released in 2010
TAKORASU Art Book, Second Edition
TAKORASU WORLD U-Ark of Memory - "Kioku no hakobune"
Theme: An Ancient Dinosaur-World

■ Takorasu Steam World History

● 2004
・Graduated from Nippon Design College ( start of creative activity )
・THE SUPER DRY ART 2004 ... Award of Excellence
・21st Century Asia Design Competition ... Award Winner
・Net Exhibition (D-competition2004)

● 2005
・Design Festa #22
・Design Festa #21
・GEISAI#8 - Bijutsu techou Award
・Tokyo Content Market 2005
・Group Exhibition「PIPERS works 2005」 - Asagaya
・AOYAMA DESIGN AWARD 2005 - Work displayed on Aoyama street lamp flags
・THE SUPER DRY ART 2005 - Award of Excellence, Ishii Tatsuya Award, Yohei Taneda Award

● 2006
・TAKORASU × RE-ism - REVACS Co. Ltd. Collaboration Exhibition.
・Tokyo Contents Market - Film Award, G-mode Award, Polygon Pictures Award
・Aoyama Design Award 2006 - Grand Prix Award
・Takorasu World Exhibition ( first solo exhibition ) - Omotesando
・Holiday ( Film ) - Sendagi
・Zipangu Cafe Gallery - Sendagaya
・Design Festa Gallery ( Art Piece ) - Harajuku
・Design Festa Gallery (1-C) - Hosei University Visual Arts Exhibition - Guest participant
・Wonder Festival Summer 2006 - Tokyo Big Sight
・RING × JAM - Roppongi Velfarre (video collaboration)
・Group Exhibition "Pentagonal〜Go kakugata no"....Ichijiku(Osaka)
・Group Exhibition " Spiral " - Sugimoto Gallery (Nihonbashi)
・Group Exhibition " One Frame Story 2nd " ( Kobuchizawa Picture Book Museum exhibit )
・Group Exhibition " Summer Palette " - Kita-Aoyama
・Design Festa #24
・Design Festa #23

● 2007
・TAKORASU-Gear seed world- (cellphone theme)
・Art Book " TAKORASU WORLD- Kuusou Sekai - "
・Tokyo Contents Market 2007
・TPG (Tokyo Project Gathering) 2007
・Kichijoji Animation Festival
・Digital Stadium NHK-BS2
・BS11 " Etsuko Takano Meiga gekij? " Opening Video
・Young Artists Animation Exhibition - Saitama
・New Atlantis " Tobira no nai sekai " (Rose in many Colors)
・Asia CG animation Exhibition - JR Ueno Station
・Tokyo International Animation Festival 2007 ( Creator's World)
・Wonder Festival Summer 2007
・Winter Wonder Festival Winter 2007
・Design Festa #26
・Design Festa #25

● 2008
・Tokyo Contents Market 2008
・Design Festa # 28
・Takorasu World Exhibition - takorasu gear seed mechalopolis - Meguro
・Group Exhibition Cache Cache "Rensa " - Galerie Juillet (Koenji)
・Tokyo International Animation Fair 2008 ( Creators World Advance)
・Wonder Festival 2008 Winter - Tokyo Big Sight
・Japan-Canada Short Animation Exchange

● 2009
・"Gaikotsu biru no niwa" ( Miyamoto Teru ) Kodansha Ltd. - Cover Illustration
・Minato Mirai Short Lounge Gallery
・Tokyo Contents Market 2009
・Design Festa # 29
・TAKORASU-Gear music world- (cellphone theme second edition)
・Wonder Festival Summer 2009 - Makuhari Messe
・101TOKYO Contemporary Art Fair 2009 ( Akihabara UDX Building Akiba Square )
・Tokyo International Animation Fair 2009 (Creator 's World Advance )
・Group Exhibition " ARTs * LABo FANTASY02 " - Jiyugaoka
・Group Exhibition " Tegami " - Toyama

● 2010
・Art Book ( second edition ) " TAKORASU - -"Kioku no hako fune " - published
・Design Festa # 32
・Design Festa # 31
・Tokyo International Animation Fair 2010 (Creator 's World Advance )
・Takorasu Steam World NAA-( solo exhibition ) - Narita Airport
・Wonder Festival Summer 2010 - Makuhari Messe
・Wonder Festival Winter 2010 - Makuhari Messe
・HAMA-CRE! + (guest participant) - Yokohama
・" Togio " (Tarou Soushirou) Takarajimasha, Inc. - Cover Illustration

● 2011
・Design Festa # 33
・Design Festa # 34
・Wonder Festival Winter 2011 - Makuhari Messe
・Wonder Festival Summer 2011 - Makuhari Messe
・" Hanarejima・Ura-Shima " (Minami Ishikawa) Honamishoten - Cover Illustration

● 2012
・Komitia 102
・Design Festa # 35
・Design Festa # 36
・Comic Market 82
・Comic Market 83
・Wonder Festival Winter 2012 - Makuhari Messe
・Wonder Festival Summer 2012 - Makuhari Messe
・Summer Festival "Yasashii yokan" Gallery - Meguro
・Takorasu Exhibition - Gondoa Laforet Harajuku 3F Graphic Art Wall
・Takorasu Steam World 2012 Exhibition ( solo exhibition ) - Meguro
・Ichikawa Station South Exit Library
・Black Labyrinth ( group exhibition ) - Ginza (Edakoan)
・Shinagawa Artists Exhibition 2012 - Maple Culture Center
・Tokyo International Animation Fair 2012 (Creator 's World Advance )
・”Bravely Default” - Square Enix - BG Art/Design
・“Musica Piccolino”- NHK E-Tele - World Concept/Design
・" T?zai misuter?besuto 100" - Bungeishunju Ltd - Cover Illustration

● 2013
・Design Festa # 37
・Design Festa # 38
・Comic Market 84
・Comic Market 85
・Wonder Festival Winter 2013
・Wonder Festival Summer 2013
・Creators Market # 29
・"Musica Piccolino"- NHK E-Tele - World Concept/Design
・Tokyo International Animation Fair 2013 (Creator 's World Advance )

● 2014
・Wonder Festival Summer 2014
・Portfolio×Portfolio 3 Group Exhibition - Meguro
・South Korea Steampunk Exhibition
・Komitia 108
・Komitia 109
Takorasu steam world Exhibition in NY

Art Exhibition History

2009 Yokohama Minato Mirai Theater Lounge Exhibition

2010 NAA Gallery (Narita Airport) Exhibition

2012 Sculpture (Materials used: resin clay & metallic paint)

2012 Town of the Tree"Ki no machi” (pictured above: size 1.4 m)

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Deformed simple design (T-shirt)

Shadow design (mobile phone application)

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